Emma Whysall for Chipping Barnet

My pledges


Remain is the best deal for our country - no ifs, no buts.


Our planet cannot wait we must take radical action now.


Austerity has increased inequality, we must re-balance our economy.


Every child deserves the best, properly funded, education.


Healthcare - free at the point of use, for everyone.


  • Having entered the job market at the height of the financial crisis, I understand that the challenge for the next Government is to create growth, but ensure that growth is shared.
  • As I said to Conference in 2015, Labour did not cause the crash — bankers caused the crash. The next Labour Government must take action to regulate and fairly tax our banking sector. 
  • I will back public ownership of rail, mail and water. I also believe Co-operatives have an important place in ensuring employees get their fair share.
  • The next Labour Government needs to take decisive action to break down the barriers to economic inequality. We need a fairer taxation system that forces the broadest shoulders to bear the greatest burden — that includes cracking down on the loopholes by which companies pay a fraction of the tax they should.
  • We need to invest in the new industries being evolved by science and technology.
  • I believe infrastructure investment is key to developing our economy, and it must work for all regions of our country. 
  • I’ve worked a zero-hour contract. They may have a place in our economy for casual work — but not for permanent workers. The next Labour Government must ban exploitative, enforced zero-hour contracts.


  • I am an unrepentant remainer.
  • I would have voted against triggering Article 50.
  • I believe in the Single Market: Johnson’s bad deal separates goods from services, and opens the way for a deregulated economy and a Trump trade deal to sell off our NHS. Labour cannot support it.
  • We need to give people a final say to end the Brexit chaos. Labour will put any deal back to the people with an option to remain in the EU. I will strongly campaign for remain.


  • On the NHS I have three principles: Protect, Protect, Protect.
  • Labour must end the marketisation of our NHS. PFI has no place in our healthcare.We need secure funding for the future of our NHS.
  • We must invest in doctors and nurses: put them back on the Wards and with patients, not acting as administrators.
  • I strongly believe there should be no pay-for-appointments in the NHS.
  • We must undo the Lansley ‘reforms’.
  • Labour must maintain the legal right for medical staff to withdraw their labour. 
  • Elements of care should not be separated: caring for the individual must be a comprehensive endeavour. The time is long overdue for legislation properly to provide for Mental Health care and Social Care. We must ensure they are fully integrated in our NHS. 


  • Homelessness has risen again. Living in London I despair of the situation so many find themselves in. The next Labour Government must work with Local Government to find solutions. Funding must be provided to tackle the causes — not just the symptoms — of Homelessness.
  • The next Labour Government will be ambitious in the quantity and the quality of the homes we build, with a million new homes for social rent over ten years. One focus should be on getting young people on the housing ladder.
  • We must legislate to provide secure tenancies and caps on rent rises. That means stricter regulation of buy-to-rent, and eliminating rogue landlords. Local authorities need powers to enforce ‘fit for habitation’ — and be obliged to apply them.
  • Right to buy needs to be constrained where it is gutting our social housing stock.


  • We need Democracy in action: to respect and extend devolution; pursue unfinished electoral reforms. This does not include fixing the system in one side’s favour, and gerrymandering elections through ID checks and partisan boundary changes.
  • I believe in votes for 16 year olds, coupled with political education to ensure an informed electorate motivated to vote. 
  • Labour must fund our police properly: providing community policing, with officers again assigned to wards — local police for local communities. Labour must find the funding to have local police stations available to the community.
  • As a lawyer I’ve seen the slow dismantling by this Government of the basic principles of our Justice system, with repeated barriers put in place to access to justice: The next Labour Government must ensure Justice is not the privilege of the rich, but available to all citizens through legal aid reforms, by undoing the changes to Civil Court and Employment Tribunals.
  • We must also review and reform our rehabilitation provision, ensuring that sentences are aimed to prevent future crime as well as providing justice.
  • Our local communities work when we have post offices, high streets, sports and youth clubs, independent shops and pubs. Chipping Barnet is special because of the plethora of independent businesses run by local people who know their customers and care for their community.


  • I support a real push on green energy generation and green growth – we need a Green New Deal to provide the next generation of jobs and investment, providing a just transition to a zero carbon future.

  • The climate emergency will have a devastating impact on my generation unless we take radical action towards a path to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. We must invest now or suffer far greater long-term costs.

  • Illegal air quality is shortening the lives of thousands in London – we need a new Clean Air Act for the 21st Century.
  • We must respect the Green Belt, and create Blue Belts to protect our countryside and areas of natural beauty. 
  • Labour must use taxation to steer choices in transportation — making public and green forms of transport financially advantageous to everyone. 
  • Labour must ensure it works for rural and coastal communities as well as urban ones, ensuring provision of services like broadband and public services are universal, not just where private utilities profit most. 


  • I was part of the first years to pay tuition fees for University. I know the strain of living with student debt. It is not just the fees that cause the problem, but the debt. Young people, lumbered with borrowing for their studies, cannot save for a home deposit, or meet the rising costs of living. We must deal with student finance so people forced to borrow to study aren’t burdened with debt for decades after graduation. 
  • A National Education Service was one of the best ideas to come out of the 2017 Manifesto — a commitment we must deliver for future generations.
  • Education is not just for the young, we must champion life long learning.
  • The next Labour Government must restore Sure Start.
  • Academisation, multi-academy trusts and ‘free’ schools and private schooling fragment our Education system. This is another area where Local Authority powers need restoring.


  • Decency demands liveable pensions for all. My generation is heading for a retirement in poverty. Dealing with the issue now will ensure there is dignity in retirement — not just for today’s pensioners but those of the future. 
  • This despicable Tory Government has punished the must vulnerable in society.
  • Labour must assure Disability Allowances that provide dignity for all.
  • The DWP should be a caring, not harming agency, and protect the vulnerable.


  • Labour must end the public sector pay freeze; and legislate to ensure it does not happen again. People’s pay should not be a political football. Power must be given to an independent body to ensure public sector workers are not punished for working for the State, rather than private companies. 
  • The minimum wage was a triumph of the last Labour Government. Now is the time to introduce a Living Wage for Everyone, not resting on the whim of the Treasury but indexed to the economy.
  • Labour must not just repeal the Tory Trade Union Act but legislate to strengthen Trade Unions’ place in our work places. We must protect the right to strike, legislate to force companies to recognise Unions in bargaining. 
  • Labour must fulfil the promise to put workers on the board. In situations where a minimum percentage of the workforce is Unionised, this should include Union representation. 
  • Brexit must not and cannot lead to a bonfire of Health and Safety provision.
  • Everyday I work with people injured at work, too often in life-changing ways. It must become easier for employees injured, because of the negligence of their employer, to seek compensation. This could be achieved by repealing the Enterprise Act, 2013. 
  • Self-employment must be a choice, not a bogus practice to allow employers to avoid taxation, and circumvent employee rights.


  • Labour must ensure the provision of culture for all — free museums, galleries and libraries accessible to all across the nation, not just in tourist London. 
  • As a lover of live theatre, I believe every child should have the benefits of exposure to the Arts. In 2017 we committed to an Arts premium for all pupils. This would ensure creativity and access to the Arts. Our wonderful creative industries are a national and profitable asset, and must continue to thrive.
  • Our Arts Industries are often leading the way in diversity, but more must be done to ensure those from all backgrounds can pursue their dreams and develop their cultures. 
  • Culture is no longer static. Digital media and the internet opened the world to everyone. We must ensure that access to the internet remains a universal right, and does not become a privilege of the wealthy. 
  • I am of the last generation to grow up without social media, without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the internet. I understand both the power and problems with life online. I have seen friends receive abuse online (it is notoriously the norm in political life, and subjectively so for a woman). I know it is important we protect young people, and strengthen the law to stop all kinds of abuse. 
  • We must protect the independence and diversity of our broadcast and print media. Ofcom needs a mandate to ensure news is doing the job of educating, not indoctrinating. 
  • The 2012 Olympic legacy was meant to inspire a generation; but the Tories failed to ensure provision was funded at local levels. We must ensure investment is made for grassroots sport in all communities.


  • Equality is the centre of my Socialism. I am proud of the party’s history championing progress; but there is more to do. The gender pay gap is still too great. The Human Rights Act is under constant threat. Hate Crime is rising.
  • Good local government ensures all measures come with an impact statement: how will this decision bear on women, minorities and individuals?
  • National legislation should similarly be prefaced by a declaration of its designed intentions. When the consequences fail to fulfil the intent, the legislation fails, is self-negating, and must be revised. At the present such a re-think can only be achieved through Judicial Review.
  • I am a committed Pro-Choice advocate, and will fight for a woman’s right to choose, and have it applied in all parts of our Nation. 
  • We must provide central funding to prevent violence against women and girls — and provide safe havens in every community.
    Recognising diverse communities — including LGBTQ+, BAME and those with disabilities — is essential to maintain our multi-culturalism. Labour has a proud history of championing these rights and must continue that fight going forward. This includes fighting for greater representation at all levels of government.


  • Foreign Policy must be built on compassion and compromise, not conflict and hostility.
  • We must lead the way in pushing for the end of conflict around the world. 
  • Labour must call on our allies to take responsibility for the refugee crisis; and share the responsibility of caring for those displaced by war and conflict. 
  • I believe in multilateral disarmament — Nuclear War should not be a threat that continues to hang over the world.